ジオ種 祠入り

“GEO” seed series. GEO is derived from Greek, which means the earth, land and underground. I have always loved stones and feel like carving out the universe when polishing and shaping the rough.

Miki’s “Ring of Seeds”


A solo exhibition entitled “Ring of Seeds” will be held from August 24-29, 2015. The content is still unpublished, yet please check out the date and time on my blog of the website. It will be only rings and playful exbition.


I held a solo exhibition entitled “Seed Boat” in 2007. Shaved stones like Tourmaline, Chalcedony, Agate, Topaz and another combined with boxwood of NAZUNA and fragrant olive were exhibited.

ジオ種黒ジオ ニケジオ種カルセドニージオ ピンクハートジオ NCルチルジオ種ピンクトルマリン